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The Hot Box is a BBQ food trailer serving up delicious barbecue in San Antonio,Texas & surrounding areas. Contact us at (210) 876-9023

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It takes passion, pride, and love to understand what cooking BBQ is all about. We believe BBQ should bring people together no matter their preference. Everyone deserves a great meal! 

We are a BBQ outfit that spends a lot of attention to detail and hours on our pits to bring you some excellent smoked cuts of beef, pork, poultry and more.

In Texas, Brisket is King!

We invite you to try some of our low and slow-cooked barbecue brisket and other select cuts, such as The Hot Box Hammer! (Thor's Hammer/Whole Beff Shank), Large Dino Ribs, Tomahawk Steak and other rotating specials. We love serving South Texas, San Antonio, and surrounding areas our taste of Central Texas-style BBQ!


Whether you are a local Texan or a first-time visitor to our cultured community... Be ready to smile, and enjoy some southern hospitality and tasty BBQ.


Traditional BBQ with a modern twist

The Hot Box is not your average BBQ food trailer. We take traditional BBQ dishes and add our own modern twist to create unique and delicious flavors. Our passion for BBQ comes thru in the taste alone. Come visit us and taste the difference. Taste the Love.


Serving the finest cuts of meat

At The Hot Box, we source local meats and locally sourced tortillas & only use the finest cuts of meat to ensure that our BBQ is always juicy and flavorful. From brisket & ribs, everything deserves the time to smoke and cook each piece to perfection.


in Texas

The Hot Box is proud to call Texas our home. FInd us in San Antonio & surrounding areas. Like, Follow & Share on social media to see what we are serving next.

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BBQ perfection takes time

At The Hot Box, we believe that BBQ perfection takes time. That's why we take our time to smoke and cook each piece of meat to perfection. From our brisket to our pulled pork, every bite will be worth the wait.



We would love to hear from you! Let us know how we're doing or if you have any questions.



Thank you for contacting us!

Find us at Besame Bar and Food Truck Park,


Follow us on social media for updates on where we'll be next.

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